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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Research feedback on Roy Lichtenstein's artworks

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I personally like Roy Lichtenstein’s work a lot. His works surrounds my favourite decade, the 60s. The style of the 60s are so nice, the hair, the dress, the everything. I like how his works are more to the entertainment side, that is, comedy, pop and industrial. I believe these elements also contribute to the way I want to pursue film making. His comic styled art works focuses on the expression of the character, having showing only the head and face. The talk bubbles though only involves a simple short sentence, but together with the expression of the character, we get a sense of story and curiosity from the visual. Not only so, his art works uses thick strokes and firm colours, hence giving it a bold and hard-edged feel, and I favour these elements.

  I noticed most of his art works involve blondes, though there are a few with burettes and red-haired. In comparison, the blonde girls give a more romantic and charming feel, as in more involved in love affairs. I think this element is very important in his art works, as the stories are about love affair itself. I like the way Roy Lichtenstein designed his artworks to efficiently and beautifully portray his story telling.

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