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Monday, July 21, 2014

My Combination Design Inspired by Roy and Jim

  I am so excited and happy to post this! After all the brainstorming and fun I finally completed my very own combined design. From Roy Lichtenstein, I adopted the idea of comic style, emotions, and dotted patterns. From Jim Lambie, I used lines to show direction, motion and even emotions. On top of that, I added in what I have always loved -- tradition, especially from my own family background, Chinese. The cheongsam she is wearing symbolizes the originality of this design, in which it is designed by me and that I wanted to have a twist in the styles. What's special about the wording in this design is that I did not use talk bubbles like Roy Lichtenstein always do, but instead I designed it into the lines itself, and they should be read from bottom to top, as it shows a motion in which the words come from her head and out, bringing out the feeling of what's bugging in her mind. And well obviously the circular lines contributes to the "set me spinning". Her bold straight hair signifies how overwhelmed she is, and that what is happening seems to be blowing her away.

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