Psy - Gentlemen Outline Meananda Godzanda: Sem 7 Digital Audio Production

Sem 7 Digital Audio Production

Assignment 1 : Mixing and Mastering

Original Song


Final Product


- Import instrument and vocal tracks into Pro Tools.

- Listen to each instrument by muting the others and playing the particular track only.
- Adjust the volume for each track accordingly, by muting and unmuting the others for comparison.
- Apply appropriate panning to each track. 

- Apply compressors and EQs to most tracks.

- Above is the compressor settings for most instruments. There are slight changes with some instruments and vocals.

- Above is the EQ settings for most instruments. There are slight changes with some instruments.

- Apply is the Reverb settings for vocals.
- An Aux track is used in controlling the Reverb effect.
- Insert the Reverb effect at the Aux track, then select a bus option in its I/O slot.
- Insert the same bus into the Sends slot of the vocal track.

- Volume gains of each track are adjusted to  make sure that the master volume doesn't exceed -6 dB.


Final Product


- Import the Final Mix track for mastering.
- Import a song that's similar to the mix, in order to compare and adjust the volume accordingly.

- Above is the EQ settings.

- Above is the Stereo settings.

- Above is the Compressor settings.

- Above is the Reverb settings.

- The final mastered mix is bounced and imported into the project for comparison.

Assignment 2 : Song Production

Original Song

Final Product


- This project is created in PreSonus Studio one.
- Create MIDI beats using the QWERTY keyboard that allows the use of the laptop keyboard to insert the notes.

- Adjust the lengths of the notes and adjust the tempo on the dashboard as shown above.

- Pick the most suitable instrument for the beats. In this case, a Grand Piano works well as it is similar to the main melody in the original song.
- The volume is slightly increased for the enhancing of the sound.
-Reverb and Delay effects are applied for a lively touch.

- Stage Piano is chosen for the bass notes.

- Solo Strings is used to add on to the enhancing of the song. The notes are parts of the bass notes.

- The volume gain of the Solo Strings s slightly lowered to avoid it being too dominating and distracting as focus is on the piano sounds.

- This is the bass notes for the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) part of the song.

- Wide Chorus is used as the instrument for the EDM bass notes. 
- Reverb and Modulation are applied for a more dynamic effect.

- This is the notes for the EDM melody.

- Soprano Sax is used as the instrument for the EDM melody notes. 
- Volume gain is increased and Reverb is applied to create a more vibrant effect.

- Distortion effect is also applied to the EDM melody notes to create a surreal electronic effect.

- Kick and Snare loops are used to create a punch part of the song, which also serves as a transition from acoustic part to EDM part.

- More heavy kicks are applied at the end of the transition section to give an impact.

- A Clap loop is put in the end to give it an impressive resolution.

- A Noise Build is also used to build hype throughout the transition.

- A bass drop is used at the end of the transition to give more impact.

- Apply Quantize on the notes to place them on beat.

- Appropriate panning is applied to each track.

- Record vocals into a track.

- Effects are applied to the vocals to create a more vibrant and dynamic outcome.

- The first effect is Mixverb. 
- The Percussion Space preset is used, with slight adjustments made.

- The second effect is Chorus.
- Air Bass preset is used, again, with custom adjustments.

- Channel Strip effect is used as well. 
- Each settings is experimented to produce the best outcome.

- There are in total 8 audio and instrument tracks for the production of this song.
- The original song track is muted so it won't be bounced together with the new tracks.

Final Assignment : Foley

Original Video

Final Product


- A Recording Log is created to list out the sounds we are going to foley, and the props we are going to use for it.

- The sounds recordings are imported into Pro Tools, arranged trimmed according to the right timing, in reference to the video preview.
- Volume gain is adjusted within each sound recording itself.

- Appropriate panning is applied to some tracks.
- The sound recordings that are needed to be panned to the left is placed in the Left Pan track.
- The sound recordings that are needed to be panned to the right is placed in the Right Pan track.

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