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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sem 7 3D Animation

Cinema 4D - "ObliviO" TV Ident

Final Product


- MoText : letter "C"
- Choose suitable font
- Make it invisible
- Adjust width, etc.

- Apply Emitter
- Fit the Emitter to the beginning of the "C" MoText
- Parent three spheres
- Each sphere is for a different texture
- Adjust the emitted object's size and amount

- Use GreyscaleGorilla textures
- Pick the ones that represent "ObliviO"

- Insert MoText "OBLIVIO"
- Use textures
- Convert the words into editable  objects, in order to rotate the "O"s

- Add lighting studio
- Move the light positions to achieve best lighting angle and shadows

- GreyscaleGorilla Light Kit Pro

- Add camera movements

- Render each camera angle

- Add motion blur by using "Reel Smart Motion Blur" in After Effects

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sem 2 Film & TV Productions

Final Assignment - Short Film : RUN

Team Members: Me, Greyson Louis, Anjali Venugopal

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Combination Design Inspired by Roy and Jim

  I am so excited and happy to post this! After all the brainstorming and fun I finally completed my very own combined design. From Roy Lichtenstein, I adopted the idea of comic style, emotions, and dotted patterns. From Jim Lambie, I used lines to show direction, motion and even emotions. On top of that, I added in what I have always loved -- tradition, especially from my own family background, Chinese. The cheongsam she is wearing symbolizes the originality of this design, in which it is designed by me and that I wanted to have a twist in the styles. What's special about the wording in this design is that I did not use talk bubbles like Roy Lichtenstein always do, but instead I designed it into the lines itself, and they should be read from bottom to top, as it shows a motion in which the words come from her head and out, bringing out the feeling of what's bugging in her mind. And well obviously the circular lines contributes to the "set me spinning". Her bold straight hair signifies how overwhelmed she is, and that what is happening seems to be blowing her away.

My Design in reference to Jim Lambie's artworks

  I am very fascinated by how lines can create a sense of moment, hence in this design I wanted to use lines to show the leading of different directions. The black and white lines in contrast applies the part where I want the lines or motion to go against the colourful ones. The black and white wall on the left implies a solid and static feel which portrays blockage, hence the eye will be more focused in following the direction of the colourful lines which leads towrads the right side of the room visually. The black and white lines on the box in the middle of the floor allows it to stand out from the colourful linings and hence portrays another small influence of motion on itself.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Artwork design related to Roy Lichtenstein's Works

Here's my artwork related to Roy Lichtenstein's works. I designed my own pattern for paint bucket tool and had fun tracing everything from my own sketch. But what was lacking is the strokes of the hair. Might add on the strokes when I have time.