Psy - Gentlemen Outline Meananda Godzanda: Sem 4 Visual Effects and Post Production

Sem 4 Visual Effects and Post Production

Glitch Effect

Morphing Effect 

Final Assignment - Rotten Title Sequence

In this final assignment, I am in charge of the directing, casting, talent shooting and storyboarding. The rotting fruits are shot by Toh Mei Yen, whereas the film is edited by Soh Jue Shuen. Hence, kindly click on their names to enter their blog page to view the process of their work.

For the casting, I managed to get my friend and his family to help out. It was great to have a green wall in his home as the background.

This title sequence expresses the adolescence of a boy, as he grows from a boy to a man,  he is exposed to negative things that brought despair to his family, especially his mom who has always scolded him. The rotting fruits and vegetables represent his wellbeing, from good to bad.




Boy - young

Boy - Older


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