Psy - Gentlemen Outline Meananda Godzanda: July 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Combination Design Inspired by Roy and Jim

  I am so excited and happy to post this! After all the brainstorming and fun I finally completed my very own combined design. From Roy Lichtenstein, I adopted the idea of comic style, emotions, and dotted patterns. From Jim Lambie, I used lines to show direction, motion and even emotions. On top of that, I added in what I have always loved -- tradition, especially from my own family background, Chinese. The cheongsam she is wearing symbolizes the originality of this design, in which it is designed by me and that I wanted to have a twist in the styles. What's special about the wording in this design is that I did not use talk bubbles like Roy Lichtenstein always do, but instead I designed it into the lines itself, and they should be read from bottom to top, as it shows a motion in which the words come from her head and out, bringing out the feeling of what's bugging in her mind. And well obviously the circular lines contributes to the "set me spinning". Her bold straight hair signifies how overwhelmed she is, and that what is happening seems to be blowing her away.

My Design in reference to Jim Lambie's artworks

  I am very fascinated by how lines can create a sense of moment, hence in this design I wanted to use lines to show the leading of different directions. The black and white lines in contrast applies the part where I want the lines or motion to go against the colourful ones. The black and white wall on the left implies a solid and static feel which portrays blockage, hence the eye will be more focused in following the direction of the colourful lines which leads towrads the right side of the room visually. The black and white lines on the box in the middle of the floor allows it to stand out from the colourful linings and hence portrays another small influence of motion on itself.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Artwork design related to Roy Lichtenstein's Works

Here's my artwork related to Roy Lichtenstein's works. I designed my own pattern for paint bucket tool and had fun tracing everything from my own sketch. But what was lacking is the strokes of the hair. Might add on the strokes when I have time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Research feedback on Jim Lambie's artworks

What really draws me to Jim Lambie’s  works is the feel of direction and liveliness that is brought by the multi-coloured strips. I like how he makes a place seem more attractive and fun without physically changing the place itself, but simply just sticking strips and strands of neon colours. The strands of colours lead the eyes to follow where it heads, giving a sense of motion and interaction. As I read more about Jim Lambie, I found out he is initially and potentially inclined with music, and I fell for his work even more, as he fuses his music profession into his visual art pieces. I love to create things like that, fusing different talents and mediums into one. I suppose that is why I am so drawn to him.

image source : 

Can you feel the motion in this picture? They are just lines drawn to different directions, but like little children, they makes you want to follow wherever they go. The place is actually a very boring squared  space, but with the lines, it’s no longer filled with boredom, but freedom to imagine and have fun.

Research feedback on Roy Lichtenstein's artworks

image source :

I personally like Roy Lichtenstein’s work a lot. His works surrounds my favourite decade, the 60s. The style of the 60s are so nice, the hair, the dress, the everything. I like how his works are more to the entertainment side, that is, comedy, pop and industrial. I believe these elements also contribute to the way I want to pursue film making. His comic styled art works focuses on the expression of the character, having showing only the head and face. The talk bubbles though only involves a simple short sentence, but together with the expression of the character, we get a sense of story and curiosity from the visual. Not only so, his art works uses thick strokes and firm colours, hence giving it a bold and hard-edged feel, and I favour these elements.

  I noticed most of his art works involve blondes, though there are a few with burettes and red-haired. In comparison, the blonde girls give a more romantic and charming feel, as in more involved in love affairs. I think this element is very important in his art works, as the stories are about love affair itself. I like the way Roy Lichtenstein designed his artworks to efficiently and beautifully portray his story telling.