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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Research feedback on Jim Lambie's artworks

What really draws me to Jim Lambie’s  works is the feel of direction and liveliness that is brought by the multi-coloured strips. I like how he makes a place seem more attractive and fun without physically changing the place itself, but simply just sticking strips and strands of neon colours. The strands of colours lead the eyes to follow where it heads, giving a sense of motion and interaction. As I read more about Jim Lambie, I found out he is initially and potentially inclined with music, and I fell for his work even more, as he fuses his music profession into his visual art pieces. I love to create things like that, fusing different talents and mediums into one. I suppose that is why I am so drawn to him.

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Can you feel the motion in this picture? They are just lines drawn to different directions, but like little children, they makes you want to follow wherever they go. The place is actually a very boring squared  space, but with the lines, it’s no longer filled with boredom, but freedom to imagine and have fun.

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