Psy - Gentlemen Outline Meananda Godzanda: Sem 2 Film & TV Productions

Sem 2 Film & TV Productions

Final Assignment - Short Film : RUN

Team Members: Me, Greyson Louis, Anjali Venugopal



Short Film

   This short film is about how a kidnapped little girl imagines all sorts of ways she could run away from the kidnapper. Everytime she looks into the orange and closes her eyes, it's her gateway to imagination. But she is too little to have done anything. The most she could do is to imagine.

   On the other hand, this short film expresses how people can miss out critical moments like this kidnap case in normal daily life. The victim is right there in an open public place, but nobody noticed that she is the missing girl, and also confused by the identity if the man, thinking he is the father of the girl,

   This short film reflects one of the biggest cases in our country, as everytime I visit the police station, numerous missing reports fill up the notice board, and many of them are dated a few years back.

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