Psy - Gentlemen Outline Meananda Godzanda: Sem 7 3D Animation

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sem 7 3D Animation

Cinema 4D - "ObliviO" TV Ident

Final Product


- MoText : letter "C"
- Choose suitable font
- Make it invisible
- Adjust width, etc.

- Apply Emitter
- Fit the Emitter to the beginning of the "C" MoText
- Parent three spheres
- Each sphere is for a different texture
- Adjust the emitted object's size and amount

- Use GreyscaleGorilla textures
- Pick the ones that represent "ObliviO"

- Insert MoText "OBLIVIO"
- Use textures
- Convert the words into editable  objects, in order to rotate the "O"s

- Add lighting studio
- Move the light positions to achieve best lighting angle and shadows

- GreyscaleGorilla Light Kit Pro

- Add camera movements

- Render each camera angle

- Add motion blur by using "Reel Smart Motion Blur" in After Effects

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