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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yayoi Kusama -- My New Favourite.

I can bet for 100% that at first you will feel that her art is pointless, because I felt that way myself, and when I read the comments of others, they said so too. But just like them, the more I search and understand her art, the more I love them! And I love her, as an artist. Unlike most artists, her art is basically -- herself. In fact, it is the deepest and biggest part of her life, her disease of hallucinations. So in a way when we look at her art, we are actually looking through her eyes, the repetitive polka dots that has haunt her for decades. It's funny how the more I search for her work and even her film, I can feel her. I can feel that she is so honest and real. People say artists live in their own world, but please -- they might be the only ones who are willing to share about their lives with you! Peace.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Early Civilization - Ancient Mesopotamia

Here's a quick summary of the fantastic history of Mesopotamia. These are the highlights of this civilization.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hoo Haa Hoo Haa! - Prehistoric Art Fact Sheet

Here's my first assignment from Art History. This is like the first arts by man. Before the drawings on the caves.

Tracing in Adobe Illustrator CC

  It's my first time using Adobe Illustrator CC and I had tons of fun. Looking forward to do more with it in the future! :D 

Monday, June 16, 2014

The First Assignment -- Tangram (:


letter E

A Farmer 

A house



  Well our first assignment was pretty fun and easy. Tangram! Miss Fiona in Visual Communication class taught us how to slice paper perfectly without hurting the table and stuff. She gave us a few topics to make and wuahla, here's my cute designs.

Froggie on News

  One day in form 3 the art teacher brought in packets of paper clay we were all so excited, the whole class making noise as we shared to each other what's in our mind to make. Someone even suggested making poop out of the clay. 

  I went back to my school hostel and wasn't sure what to make. So I randomly made picked the thing that I love most -- FROG. And so I started forming my lovely assassinated frog. It was gorgeous with the blue color in which only poisonous frogs had. With that I came up with an idea for the story behind this murder scene -- the princess killed the frog before his poisonous lips could reach hers. So what if the frog really turned into a prince if the princess had to die under a poisonous kiss?

  I had so much fun and finished everything in a day. So satisfied. Eventually I got the class going "eee" "aaa" "woahhh" and my handsome art teacher going "this is gorgeous". 

  And yeap my baby got on the newspaper :D 

*notice the eyelashes on its eyes...I'll tell you a secret...they're my used fake lashes haha

How I Fell for Film - My First Short Film

  Heyho! First post for this blog! So yeah this is a short film I made in about two days, sending it out to take part in the International Churches of Christ (ICOC) Teens' Video Contest. It's an international video competition which requires us to show our Christian conviction in our own way.

  Most of the other contestants shot themselves talking about their convictions, but for me I prefer making a story out of my own conviction. And so I became the story/script writer, director, and editor for this short film.

  This film was what I did when I was 16, so basically that time I only used Movie Maker and stuff and with my zero experience in film back then, everything ended up blur even when I shot with my dear DSLR.

  If you don't understand what the video was trying to say and you would like to find out, you can ask me on FB :b