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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yayoi Kusama -- My New Favourite.

I can bet for 100% that at first you will feel that her art is pointless, because I felt that way myself, and when I read the comments of others, they said so too. But just like them, the more I search and understand her art, the more I love them! And I love her, as an artist. Unlike most artists, her art is basically -- herself. In fact, it is the deepest and biggest part of her life, her disease of hallucinations. So in a way when we look at her art, we are actually looking through her eyes, the repetitive polka dots that has haunt her for decades. It's funny how the more I search for her work and even her film, I can feel her. I can feel that she is so honest and real. People say artists live in their own world, but please -- they might be the only ones who are willing to share about their lives with you! Peace.

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